Portland author looking for Maine Bigfoot sightings for new book

Portland author Michelle Souliere is on the lookout for Bigfoot. Or at least Mainers who think they’ve seen Bigfoot.

Souliere hopes the recent airing of a Maine episode of the popular television show “Finding Bigfoot” on the cable network Animal Planet will inspire people to come forward and talk with her about their sightings.

The author, who writes the blog Strange Maine and released the 2009 book “Strange Maine: True Tales From the Pine Tree State,” said her research over the years has “uncovered dozens of interesting stories scattered throughout Maine history.”

But, she said, she still needs more to complete a forthcoming book about Bigfoot sightings in the state.

“It’s clearly time for me to take the next step,” she said in a statement. “My goal is to start tying in all the current stories that are floating around, and talk to folks about what they’ve seen out there in the Maine woods.”

Souliere said those who believe they’ve seen the hairy upright beast in this state can reach her at michelle.souliere@gmail.com or through the additional contact information found by clicking here.

Maine is, of course, home to perhaps the world’s best-known cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman, as well as reality television monster hunter Bill Brock.

Stories of Sasquatch in Maine go back at least as far as a 19th century report of a giant “wild man” in the Waterville area, and have included a number of other alleged sightings since.

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