What issues matter most to you in the Portland mayoral race?

From left to right, Portland mayoral candidates Ethan Strimling, Michael Brennan and Tom MacMillan

From left to right, Portland mayoral candidates Ethan Strimling, Michael Brennan and Tom MacMillan. (BDN photos by Troy R. Bennett)

Over a series of debates, press conferences and campaign stops over the last couple of months, Portland mayoral candidates Ethan Strimling, Tom MacMillan and incumbent Michael Brennan have told voters what they stand for.

They have also, to varying degrees, talked about where they stand on the issues facing Portland.

A nice succinct place to read about what the candidates have to say about a range of different issues can be found by clicking here and going through the Portland Phoenix’ Q&As with each of them (as well as all the other City Council and school board candidates).

Another good source of information about where the candidates stand was written earlier this week by my friend David Harry at The Forecaster, which can be read by clicking here.

And then the aforementioned Phoenix also released an interesting questionnaire designed to determine which candidate most aligns with your beliefs as a voter. That insightful interactive tool can be found on the Phoenix site or embedded below for easy access.

But with another debate coming up on Tuesday night — co-hosted by WGME CBS 13 television and my organization, the Bangor Daily News — I’m hoping to take the pulse of the voters as well.

My colleagues hit the streets of Portland in July to gauge which issues were considered most pressing to the folks they encountered, and you can read about what they found by clicking here.

Below is a short survey to see which issues are most important to you, which endorsements resonate most with you and how you think you’re going to vote. I’m interested in your responses and I’ll share the results in the coming days.

If you want to read more about the referendum questions on the Portland ballot, click here to learn more about Question 1 and here to learn more about Question 2.

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