Fill out the jury questionnaire in the Zumba prostitution trial, view the witness lists

Witness lists for both the York County District Attorney’s office and defendant Mark Strong have now been posted on the state’s website for high-profile cases (an earlier version of the prosecution’s list, with 30 people on it, was posted earlier this month — since then, the list has approximately doubled in size).

Before any testimony is given in the case, a jury must be seated. That process took all day Tuesday and threatens to push opening arguments all the way until Thursday or later. The Portland Press Herald’s appeal of Justice Nancy Mills’ decision to keep interviews with prospective jurors closed to the public and media could delay jury selection even longer.

Here’s a copy of the 10-page questionnaire potential jurors filled out when they first came to the court house on Tuesday. Take a look and see whether you think you’d be picked to serve on the jury of this trial.

And while we’re waiting for progress on the jury selection front, here are the lists of individuals who will likely be called as witnesses in the trial, which could take as long as three weeks.

For the prosecution:

For the defense:

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